2020 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Subject to Change


2nd, Audition #1, 8:30-6pm 

9th, Audition #2, 8:30am-6pm 

16th, Audition #3, 8:30am -6pm 

23rd, Final Audition/Ensemble Placements, 8:30am-10pm 

30th, 8am -10pm (Contracts Due and Mandatory Parent Meeting @ 7pm)


6th, 7pm-10pm

7th, 8am-10pm (Family Dinner )

13th, 7pm-10pm

14th, 8am-10pm (Drum-A-Thon Fundraiser)

20th, 7pm -10pm

21st, 8am-10pm

22nd, 10am-5pm 

Holiday Vacay 


3rd, 7pm-10pm

4th, 8am -10pm 

10th, 7pm - 10pm

11th, 8am -10pm 

17th, 7pm-10pm

18th, 8am -10pm

19th, 10am-5pm 

24th, 7pm-10pm (Bingo Fundraiser)

25th, 8am -10pm 

31st, 7pm -10pm


1st, 8am-10pm (Family Dinner)

7th, 7pm-10pm

8th, 8am-10pm 

14th, 7pm-10pm

15th, Chicago Regional-Times TBD

21st, 7pm-10pm

22nd, 8am-10pm 

28th, 7pm-10pm  

29th, 8am-10pm 


6th, 7pm-10pm

7th, 8am-10pm (Family Dinner)

13th-15th, Indianapolis Regional-Times TBD

20th, 7pm-10pm

21st, 8am-10pm 

27th, 7pm-10pm

28th, 8am-10pm

29th, 10am-5pm


3rd, 7pm-10pm

4th, 8am-10pm 

5th, 8am-5pm Open House

10th, 7pm-10pm

11th, 8am-10pm 

13th-18th, WGI FINALS-Times TBD


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